IT’S HARD TO KEEP UP: The Rachel Dolezal Story Just Keeps Getting WEIRDER

You may remember Rachel Dolezal as the white woman who pretended to be black and actually worked for the NAACP in Washington State.

More recently, she claimed that once her real race was exposed, she lost her job and was about to go broke.

Now she has released a book and her story just gets stranger and stranger.

The New York Post reports:

The story of Rachel Dolezal gets even more bizarre

In her heart, she’s still a misunderstood black woman.

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Rachel Dolezal — who convincingly passed as an African-American civil rights activist in Spokane, Washington, until her inarguably Caucasian parents outed her as white in 2015 — is now stepping back into the spotlight in all her bottle-bronzed, afro-hair-extensioned glory.

Dolezal has penned a memoir in which she compares her travails to slavery and describes her harrowing childhood as a pale, blond girl growing up poor on the side of a Montana mountain.

As she toiled in the garden for her strict, Evangelical parents, she’d dream of freeing her inner blackness, Dolezal writes in “In Full Color: Finding My Place in a Black and White World.”…

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Blessed freedom would come.

But first, she had to survive her parents’ beatings, her brother’s molestation and her own wheat-pale skin and hair.

Was Dolezal really assaulted by her brother? Did her parents really force her to eat her own vomit, and was she really born in a teepee?

With so much of her life a blatant fiction, it’s hard to be sure — but it all sure makes for fascinating reading.

Who knew, for example, that Dolezal is a bisexual who suffers from PTSD?

This poor woman needs help.

Let’s hope she gets it.


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