Jack Brewer At Roundtable Meeting With Trump: ‘America Needs God And Fathers’ (VIDEO)

Jack Brewer is a former NFL player who now owns his own company, and also teaches and preaches in American prisons.

He is a Trump supporter and he was included in a roundtable discussion with President Trump and others about the transition to greatness.

At one point, he provided an inspiring reminder about what America needs now more than ever.

Transcript via the White House:

MR. BREWER: Thank you, Mr. President. Thank you, Pastor Morris, for offering your church. I think, right now, like any other time in our nation’s history, we need God. (Applause.) I’m praying to the Holy Spirit to put words on my mouth right now. And I want our nation to hear me: We need the fear of God. (Applause.)…

We are not as divided as our politics suggests. We are not as divided as our politics suggests.

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But I’ll tell you what: This President — when I walk into my prisons, I’m blessed. I teach, in prisons across our nation, men who are broken — the most broken men in our country. Our Bible teaches us to serve those in prison. Our Bible teaches us to serve the poor. And when I walk into my class and I say, “Guys, raise your hand if you’ve gotten your sentence reduced from the FIRST STEP Act,” and every single one of them raised their hand. (Applause.) That’s because of you, Mr. President, and that’s because of policy.

But you’re brave enough to go against what everyone else has said about you. Now I’m calling on you to do more. We have a real issue in our country. And the root of it — let’s not get our eye off the enemy — the root of it is fatherlessness. (Applause.) Our kids don’t fathers.

Attorney — AG Barr, you said it earlier; you talked about pulling God out. Do we talk about education? Well, 71 percent of those kids that drop out of high school don’t have a father in the house.

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Watch the video:

Truly inspiring words.


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