James Carville: “OBAMACARE IS DONE . . . No Sense In Sugarcoating It To People” (VIDEO)


As Wisconsin tipped to Trump on election night, James Carville addressed the consequences for Democrats.

He said Obamacare is done. Dodd-Frank is done. He said, “The diplomatic and financial consequences, I’m looking at the futures, they’re going to go further. It’s hard to imagine what this means.”

Democrats are in disarray!!

Watch (via Real Clear Politics):

From the video (transcript via Real Clear Politics):

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James Carville: “Donald Trump now has the authority of an election behind him. It’s the biggest thing that you can have in a democracy. You can’t — this is not an antiseptic event. This is now– He has the validation of the people.

He said what he was running on. It was pretty clear what he was offering. You know, obviously I’m — you can imagine, I’m distraught about the entire thing. I feel terrible for a lot of my friends. But what is here tonight is hard to put into perspective. We’re going to have one party ruling this country, and Obamacare is done. Dodd-Frank is done. The diplomatic and financial consequences, I’m looking at the futures, they’re going to go further.

It’s hard to imagine what this means.

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There’s no sense and sugar-coating it to people. I think Wisconsin is very problematic… And if you just look at what it is, I hate to say it, but I hope, please god let me be wrong…”

He wasn’t wrong.

Trump won Wisconsin. And Trump won the Presidency.

And now, thank goodness, Obamacare is done!

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