James Mattis Debunks New Fake News Story About Trump And Russia

A new fake news story being pushed by the liberal media is that Trump doesn’t want to talk about Russia with members of his own team. Even when it’s a matter of foreign policy or some other official issue.

Defense Secretary James Mattis set the record straight. This is absolutely not true.

FOX News reports:

Mattis shoots down report Trump chills Russia talk

Pentagon Secretary James Mattis didn’t borrow his boss’s favorite phrase to refute a Washington Post report that President Trump doesn’t want to hear about Russia from his intel chiefs, but he might as well have called it fake news.

The former Marine Corps general told reporters Friday that, contrary to the newspaper’s lengthy report, no one advising the president seems to have reason to steer clear of the subject of Moscow and national security.

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“I have no reservation, nor has the President ever evidenced any pushback, when I bring up Russia in a national security context, and obviously this has come up whether it be in Syria or with NATO and all the other places where you have heard me speaking about this,” Mattis said. “I have not seen this shyness over at the White House and in the Situation Room.”

The Post reported that Trump is so eager to improve relations with Russia that he has not held the Kremlin to account for allegedly meddling in the U.S. election. Although U.S. intelligence agencies agree that the interference occurred, President Trump has not been expressed such certainty. Mattis, for his part, agrees with the intel community.

“Yes, I believe they did,” Mattis said.

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James Mattis is awesome. He is easily one of Trump’s best cabinet picks!


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