Obama ZOMBIES Shout 4 More Years at “HOLIDAY” Tree Lighting Ceremony (VIDEO)

At the White House Christmas Tree lighting last night, Obama’s adoring fans started the “Four More Years” chant, proving that they have no clue how term limits work.

Or for that matter how anything really works in our system of government.

These are probably the same people that were in complete disbelief on election night when Donald Trump received the concession call from Hillary Clinton.

“To everybody who’s here tonight and everybody watching at home, it is now officially the time to light this tree,” Obama told the crowd, according to another report, before he wished the group a “Merry Christmas” and lit up the tree.

An informed electorate is a prerequisite for democracy. If voters do not know what is going on in politics, they cannot rationally exercise control over government policy. Large scale voter ignorance poses a serious danger to American democracy. It is particularly troubling at a time when we face major policy decisions with a polarized populace.


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