Jen Psaki Fails Miserably When Trying To Spin Biden’s Hypocrisy On Travel Bans (VIDEO)

This weekend, Joe Biden enacted a new travel ban from Africa due to a new COVID variant. When Trump did this a few years ago, Biden called it racist.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki was asked about this today and tried to spin it in Biden’s favor.

She failed miserably.

Red State reports:

White House Lies Their Heads off When Confronted With Hypocrisy on Travel Bans

The White House is getting nailed on a variety of different issues from the weekend now that White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki had a briefing today.

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As we reported earlier, Psaki ducked and weaved but couldn’t explain away why Biden was not masked inside of a Nantucket store, especially when he’s urging everyone to wear masks in the face of the new Omicron variant (or as he called it the ‘Omnicron’ variant).

The White House also got called out on the issue of putting travel bans in place after their prior criticism of the travel bans of President Donald Trump. Listen as White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki tries to explain how Trump travel bans were somehow ‘xenophobic’ but Biden bans are not.

Psaki claimed they weren’t criticizing travel bans but criticizing a “tweet” of President Donald Trump’s which she claimed was xenophobic.

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“The president has not been critical of travel restrictions, we have put those in place ourselves,” Psaki claimed. “He believes we should follow the advice of health and medical experts. That’s exactly what he did in putting in place these restrictions over the weekend.”

That’s just a lie.

Here’s the video:

Just pathetic. They have no shame.


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