Jesse Watters: Democrats Are Realizing They Were Wrong About Everything (VIDEO)

Democrats may finally be figuring out how much they have gotten wrong in the last few years but it is way too late.

Jesse Watters pointed this out in a recent monologue on his show.

He also reminds people that if voters let Democrats off the hook, they will go right back to their old ways.

From FOX News:

Watters: Democrats realizing they were ‘completely wrong about everything’

Jesse Watters compared Democrats to an “incredibly immature” high schooler who realizes they “were completely wrong about everything” in Wednesday’s opening monologue of “Jesse Watters Primetime.”

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“That’s what the Democratic Party is going through right now,” he said. “For the last few years, they’ve acted like children. Pushing asinine policies that have hurt the American people. Pretending like they know best, when their foolishness was completely obvious. They supported riots and worshiped wokeness. The Squad was the Democrat Party’s hood ornament.”

“But now, it looks like the adults in the party are recognizing their mistakes. And when I say adults, I really mean pollsters.”

“Who could have guessed that the average American doesn’t want to see their representative auditioning to be a socialite on a red carpet?” Watters asked. “Or that voters didn’t want to be judged for backing the blue during a crime wave?”

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Democrats “need polling to tell them the obvious,” he continued. “The American people support police and strong borders. So the Democrats are being advised to lie and pretend like that’s been their position all along. We’re not stupid. We know they’ve spent the last two years slandering police, calling them ‘racist,’ defunding them, bailing out their attackers, and making their jobs harder with these soft-on-crime DAs.”

Watch the video below:

Nothing that the Democrats can do now is going to stop what’s coming in the 2022 midterms.

The American people have had it.


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