Jill Biden Can’t Answer When Asked If Debt Cancellation Will Lower The Cost Of College (VIDEO)

A reporter recently asked Jill Biden how cancelling student debt will lower the cost of college.

She couldn’t answer the question. Instead, she just talked about how this was something Joe had promised to do during the campaign.

But the point is that cancelling student debt will do nothing to lower the cost of college. That’s not even the reason Biden is doing it.

Hot Air reports:

Jill Biden’s non-answer to a question on student loan forgiveness is… odd

Jill Biden was asked a question during a photo op Wednesday at the White House. The reporter asked, “How is student loan cancellation going to bring down the cost of higher education?” It turns out that Jill Biden doesn’t have any better of an answer than any other Democrat, including her husband, to that question.

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Are we sure she’s negative for the coronavirus now? She looks and sounds, well, not so great. Anyway, that lame answer was probably the best she could do since there is not a positive-sounding answer to that question.

Student loan debt isn’t really being cancelled, it’s being transferred to taxpayers. All of us will pay for Joe Biden’s election year bribe to younger voters. It was kind of ironic to hear Jill use the excuse that it was a campaign promise, though, given the fact that she talked Joe into putting free community college tuition for all in his list of campaign promises.

Here’s the video:

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If Democrats truly wanted to lower the cost of college, they would get the government out of the student loan business.

But they’re not going to do that.


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