Jimmy Kimmel Admits He Doesn’t Want To Appeal To Trump Supporters

This will come as no surprise to any Trump supporter who has watched Kimmel’s show. He has made it clear that he looks down on Trump and his supporters.

The Daily Beast reports:

Jimmy Kimmel Doesn’t Want to ‘Appeal’ to Trump Fans: ‘I Don’t Think That World Exists Anymore’

When I walk into Jimmy Kimmel’s large corner office above the El Capitan Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard, he offers me the customary bottle of water. “Or do you want eight Diet Cokes like the president?” he asks.

The host of Jimmy Kimmel Live! is in a reflective mood but Trump jokes are never far from his mind. As we start our interview, Kimmel is lounging on a large sectional couch, wearing socks, jeans and an untucked shirt. His hair is noticeably less kempt than it will be when he takes the stage downstairs a few hours later. Just a few days away from a two week vacation, Kimmel seems ready for a break. “We’re pounding it out,” he says of this home stretch of shows…

In terms of the effect of politics on your own ratings, I know you’ve said‍ if people who disagree with you don’t want to watch, you don’t particularly care. But has that ever been an issue at ABC?

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Maybe I shouldn’t have said I don’t care. I don’t care enough to change what I’m doing is probably a more explicit explanation. I’m sure ABC would love it if my show appealed to everyone. But I don’t think that world exists anymore. And I’m not comfortable in it. I don’t really see any other path. I also think one of the biggest mistakes you can make as a performer is trying to guess what your audience wants. I think you need to do what you think is right and hope that it works out.

Jimmy has nothing to worry about. Trump supporters won’t be watching his show any time soon.


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