Jimmy Kimmel “Comedian” Interrupts Church to Heckle Roy Moore (VIDEO)

Jimmy Kimmel is up to his far left politics again. In this case, a “comedian” who’s part of the Kimmel crew interrupted a Moore event at a church. So classy.

AL.com reports:

Jake Byrd heckles Roy Moore: Jimmy Kimmel comedian crashes Alabama church rally

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As Roy Moore’s seemingly surreal Alabama Senate campaign continues to trundle along unabated by allegations of sexual assault, it was perhaps unsurprising that a comedian and film crew from the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show would show up to poke fun at the twice-removed chief justice and his fervent supporters.

It all unfolded at the Magnolia Springs Baptist Church in Theodore, Alabama, on a balmy Wednesday night of subterfuge from both the Kimmel film crew and Roy Moore staffers. The press being the victims on each occasion.

Jake Byrd, a fictional character that has appeared intermittently on Kimmel’s show, played by award-winning comedian and writer Tony Barbieri, was first spotted interrupting interviews with Moore supporters in the parking lot of the church ahead of Moore’s speech. Barbieri wore a pro-Moore T-shirt that had “Gimme Moore” splashed across the front…

Genuine Moore supporters asked where he’d got the T-shirt, a sure sign that Barbieri was hitting his mark as the Moore loving Byrd. Barbieri also held a Roy Moore sign in hand during the entire act.

In past appearances on the Kimmel show Barbieri has played a Trump supporter at a rally, a Michael Jackson fan, and had tried to steal a high-five from O.J. Simpson’s attorney. But tonight it was Moore and his supporters turn to be lampooned by the comedian.

Watch the video below:

It’s crystal clear at this point that Kimmel is a liberal partisan hack.


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