With Putin Interview NBC Offers A Lesson In The Creation Of FAKE NEWS

Take a look at the two tweets below, side by side.

Ever wonder how fake news is made? Well besides getting caught on camera, catching NBC News in the act of tweeting more Russia conspiracy nonsense gets to the heart of whats wrong with the fake news media. During an interview with Megan Kelly, Valdimir Putin was asked whether the Russian government had any damaging or compromising information on President Trump.

Putin laughed at the question calling it nonsense but that didn’t stop NBC. In a now deleted tweet, NBC declared that Putin would not confirm whether or not he had damaging information of the President. The absurdity of this mistake, considering Megan Kelly now works for NBC, underscores NBC’s extreme bias against Trump and their willingness to lie for clicks and retweets. Looking at the picture, you can see once they were called on this that they issued a correction, which had substantially fewer retweets and likes than the initial tweet.

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And there you have it folks, fake news 101. With this level of deceit, its no wonder that trust in media is at an all time low. Wondering if they will ever get? Don’t hold your breath.

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