Hillary Henchman Sues James O’Keefe For Undercover Journalism (Video)

Democratic operative and Clinton henchmen Robert ‘Bob’ Creamer has filed a lawsuit against citizen journalist and  founder of Project Veritas James O’Keefe for a sum of $1 million claiming the video of him was deceptively edited.

Creamer admitted to, among other things, planting protesters to incite violence at Trump rallies during the 2016 Presidential Election.

Breitbart Reported:

“Creamer’s 27-page complaint alleges that O’Keefe and Project Veritas “selectively edit … videotapes so as to distort and misrepresent what was said,” and complains that their efforts unfairly interfered with Democrats’ efforts to wreak havoc on the Trump campaign. The complaint also alleges: “The [Project Veritas] video was heavily edited and contained commentary by O’Keefe that drew false conclusions from the selectively edited videos, to charge that Plaintiffs were involved in a conspiracy to incite violence at rallies for then-candidate Donald Trump…”.

As a result of O’Keefe’s exposés, Creamer’s complaint alleges, Democracy Partners lost valuable business contracts from left-wing political clients. Creamer and his company are seeking damages for alleged unlawful interception of oral communications, for civil conspiracy, and for fraudulent misrepresentation, among other torts.”

O’Keefe released a statement in response to the lawsuit saying in part that he would not be silenced by this left wing lunatic and that we would soon be launching “a new batch of freshly trained journalists next week to shine additional light on the cockroaches of the corrupt DC establishment.”

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O’Keefe tweeted:

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We can only hope that James O’Keefe and Project Veritas can continue their exemplary journalism and expose left wing corruption for the American people.

Check out O’Keefe’s work here:

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