LINDSEY TOO? Senator Graham: “Someone requested my conversations be unmasked” (VIDEO)

In the wake of new revelations about the Obama administrations spying and unmasking another lawmaker has publicly claimed he was also spied on. Senator Lindsey Graham claimed in an interview on Fox News that members of the intelligence community have told him he was in fact unmasked by officials in the Obama administration.

The Senator’s accusations come after subpoenas for three Obama era officials have been issued by the House Intelligence Panel.

Breitbart Reported:

Friday on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said he had reason to believe his conversations with foreign leaders were requested to be “unmasked.”

Graham said, “I have reason to believe that a conversation I had was picked up with some foreign leader or some foreign person and somebody requested that my conversation be unmasked. I’ve been told that by people in the intelligence community. All I can say is there are 1,950 collections on American citizens talking to people that were foreign agents being surveilled either by the CIA, FBI or the NSA.”

This story is hardly being covered by the Media Industrial Complex, as they are more concerned with their pet theory that the Trump campaign and the Russian government colluded to hack the DNC and/or the Podesta emails. This obsession will continue to destroy their credibility with the American people and American Lookout is more than happy to watch them walk the plank.

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Check out Lindsey Graham on Fox here:


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