Joe Biden 2019 Line About Ukraine And Trump Comes Back To Haunt Him (VIDEO)

Now that the situation in Ukraine is going to hell in a handbasket, people are looking back on things Biden has said about Ukraine in the past.

One line in particular is coming back to haunt him.

It was a criticism of Trump that has aged like fine milk.

Townhall reports:

This Biden Quote on Ukraine From 2019 Is Coming Back to Bite Him

Then-candidate Joe Biden was addressing the crowd at the 2019 DNC Women’s Leadership Forum Conference when he decided to engage in a little fear-mongering over what would happen if Donald Trump won reelection — and those words are really coming back to bite him this week.

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“It’s going to take a hell of a lot of work to make up for all the damage he’s done internationally and nationally,” Biden said of President Trump. “His network of thugs and co-conspiracists are going to continue to try and undermine our democracy in the meantime,” Biden accused.

“Imagine what he can do in another year,” Biden said. “Imagine what can happen in Ukraine.”

Yes, he really said that. As we now know, nothing would happen in Ukraine during Trump’s final year in office.

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Here’s the video:

Yes, Joe. Imagine that.

Joe Biden has been wrong on pretty much every foreign policy issue through his entire career.

Why change now?


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