Joe Biden And Other Democrats Use Deadly Tornado Tragedy To Push Climate Change Agenda (VIDEO)

After the series of tornadoes that left destruction and death is its path, Joe Biden and other Democrats used the occasion to advance their climate change agenda.

It’s a sad commentary on what passes for acceptable today.

People are dead, homes are destroyed, and lives are ruined, yet the left cannot put aside their political agenda for one minute.

FOX News reports:

Liberals use deadly tornados to attack Republicans on climate change

Several liberals on Twitter, including politicians and celebrities, pointed the finger at climate change and Republicans following devastating tornados in western Kentucky that killed at least 70 people.

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Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell used the tragedy to take a shot at Republican Sen. Rand Paul, who represents Kentucky, accusing him of not caring about Americans who are in need.

“We should do all we can to help our Kentucky neighbors. God be with them — they are hurting,” Swalwell tweeted. “But do not for one second forget that @RandPaul has voted against helping most Americans most times they’re in need.”…

President Biden suggested climate change was to blame for the tragedy saying, “”All I know is that the intensity of the weather across the board has some impacts as a consequence of the warming of the planet and climate change,” Biden said.

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Watch below:

Here are other examples:

What is wrong with these people?


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