Joe Biden Claims Al Gore Did Not Lose 2000 Election To George W. Bush

At what point should people be concerned about Joe Biden’s aging mind? Every week, he says something that makes him seem out of touch with reality.

This week, for example, he said that Al Gore did not lose the 2000 election to George W. Bush. Michael Moore might agree with a dumb statement like that, but that doesn’t make it true.

Breitbart reports:

Joe Biden Says Al Gore Did Not Lose 2000 Election Against George W. Bush

Former Vice President Joe Biden dipped into election conspiracy territory on Tuesday, arguing that former Vice President Al Gore did not lose the presidential election in 2000.

During a conversation about his nineties-era crime bill, Biden said that it got worse after Gore lost the election.

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“I wouldn’t say lost, when a hanging chad sort of did a few things,” he said to voters in Nashua, New Hampshire at a campaign stop.

Do people on the left realize how far away the election is? We are months and months away from the first primary and Joe is going to be at this the whole time.

From USA Today:

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2020 frontrunner in May? It’s probably not a good thing

Democratic presidential frontrunner Joe Biden has a double-digit percentage lead in nearly every major national poll, he’s won more big-name endorsements than his intra-party rivals in early-voting states, and he’s already demonstrated his prowess as a capable fundraiser.

Yet in the early going, the former vice president seems wary of his position as the favorite to win the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination and cognizant of an ailment that’s beleaguered once promising White House hopefuls of past years: Frontrunner Flameout.

“This is a marathon,” Biden told supporters at a campaign fundraiser in Los Angeles last week. “I know all that polling stuff looks good, but it is a marathon and we have a long way to go.”

History shows that the former vice president is prudent not to put too much stock into his exalted position in the very early going of the crowded 2020 presidential race.

Just listen to him. He has trouble just forming words:

Do Democrats really believe he’s going to get better at this as the months drag on?


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