Joe Biden Congratulates Himself On Afghanistan Disaster By Yelling At America For 25 Minutes (VIDEO)

Joe Biden offered remarks about the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan on Tuesday.

He failed to mention the names of the soldiers who were killed last week.

He also took credit for the operation while at the same time blaming Trump.

It was an awful speech and for some reason Biden felt compelled to yell through the whole thing.

Red State has details:

A Yelling, Defiant Joe Biden Declares Victory in Afghanistan and Blames Americans for Being Left Behind

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Joe Biden finally spoke today to mark the end of the war in Afghanistan. After showing up hours late for the originally scheduled event, something that has become a habit for this president, Biden took to the podium. What transpired was surprising and shocking at times.

He delivered a cold, blame-shifting speech in which he simultaneously claimed there was no disaster in Afghanistan while blaming others for the disaster in Afghanistan. Little of what he said made sense, and at the beginning of the speech, Biden yelled as he read the teleprompter in what can only be described as an incredibly odd scene.

The president also tried to claim victory, lauding his handling of the bungled withdrawal that ended up costing the lives of 13 US service members and countless Afghans (he also never mentioned the names of those who made the ultimate sacrifice last Thursday). Yet, just minutes later, he changed his tune and blamed Donald Trump for supposedly tying his hands.

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Here are some clips:

It was a bizarre, bitter, and blame-shifting speech.

It won’t help Biden’s sinking poll numbers at all.


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