Joe Biden Denies U.S. Has Entered A Recession – Refuses To Take Questions From Press (VIDEO)

The United States has now experienced two quarters of negative GDP growth. That is and has been for years, the classic definition of a recession.

But Joe Biden doesn’t want to hear it.

During a press event on Thursday, Biden denied the idea that the U.S. has entered a recession and then left the podium, refusing to answer questions from the press.

Townhall reports:

Biden Refuses to Take Questions After Recession-Denying Remarks

In his remarks Thursday urging Congress to pass a revived version of his bloated Build Back Better bill, President Joe Biden again denied the existence of a recession just hours after his Commerce Department reported a second consecutive quarter of negative GDP growth — the literal definition of a recession.

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“That doesn’t sound like a recession to me,” Biden declared after cherrypicking anecdotal evidence to try and present the image of a strong economy while omitting the serious economic woes his policies have inflicted on Americans. In typical fashion, Biden trotted out of his briefing without taking questions after his quixotic remarks.

Whatever it sounds like to President Biden, the American people know exactly what’s going on and who’s to blame — nearly every poll done in recent weeks shows the president’s approval when it comes to handling the economy at all-time lows.

Here’s the video:

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Biden and Democrats are in total denial.

This is awful for the American people, and Biden owns it.


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