Joe Biden Drops To 34 Percent Approval Rating In New Civiqs Poll

Joe Biden is still sinking in the polls.

A new Civiqs poll finds that his approval rating is down to a pathetic 34 percent.

It’s a real possibilty that Biden could drop into the 20s before the 2022 midterm elections.

Hot Air reports:

Slidin’ Biden hits 34% approval in latest Civiqs poll

The last time we looked at the Civiqs series in early April, Joe Biden had slid down to 38% job approval and was above water in only four states. Only three states gave Biden a majority approval level. Nearly eight weeks later, the longitudinal survey now shows Biden at 34% approval level, above water in only three states, and only one has him at majority approval level.

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The demos remain relatively unchanged since early April in this weekly tracking poll. Biden has lost a couple of points with black and Hispanic voters, but still within the margin of error. He’s also lost ground with Democrats, declining gradually since the start of the Ukraine war gave Biden a slight rally effect among voters of his own party.

The real value in the Civiqs tracking is in its state-level numbers, however. In early April, four states gave Biden an edge in overall approval: Hawaii (54/39), Massachusetts (50/38), Vermont (54/35), and Maryland (47/42). Biden also had even splits in California and Rhode Island. He’s still got majority approval in Hawaii, but that’s it:

– Hawaii: 50/40
– Massachusetts: 45/42
– Vermont: 46/38

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He is only above water in the bluest of states. The other numbers are downright alarming.

At what point do Democrats begin to panic about Biden’s poll numbers?


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