Joe Biden Endorsed By Avowed Communist And Terrorist Angela Davis On Russian State TV (VIDEO)

Angela Davis is an avowed communist. She was once on the FBI’s most wanted list.

And now, she has endorsed Joe Biden for president on Russian TV.

She doesn’t even seem to like Biden, but she thinks she and others on the radical left will be able to control him.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Return to normalcy! Biden endorsed by Marxist terrorist Angela Davis on Russian state television

And you thought Bill Ayers was bad.

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A decade after the Obama campaign went into overdrive to explain away that the then-presidential candidate had briefly met the Weather Underground revolutionary at a few events in their shared Hyde Park neighborhood, top Democrats seem keen to embrace an endorsement from someone who makes Ayers look positively banal.

Former FBI’s Most Wanted fugitive, Marxist terrorist, and leading advocate of the prison abolition movement Angela Davis has endorsed supposed centrist Joe Biden for the presidency, and somehow, Democrats think it’s wise to celebrate this.

Rep. Ilhan Omar, the socialist member of “the Squad” who conceded that she’ll begrudgingly vote for Biden despite believing that he committed sexual assault against his former Senate staffer, affirmatively shared the clip of Davis on RT, the Russian state propaganda network…

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It’s not that she simply believes Biden is less awful than President Trump, but rather that he’s so politically malleable that he can be made to advance Marxist goals.

Here’s the video of Davis:

The Democrats are now a party that embraces communism and radical leftism.

These people are not in step with mainstream America.

They want to transform the country into something radically different.


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