Joe Biden Flip-Flops On China – Now Says They Are A ‘Serious Challenge’ To Us (VIDEO)

Twice in the last several weeks, Joe Biden has gone on record, on camera, saying that China is not an economic threat to the United States. It was a dumb thing to say, and someone at his campaign must have finally figured this out.

Because now he is saying something completely different.

The New York Post reports:

Biden’s latest flip-flop: Now he’s a China hawk

Suddenly, Joe Biden says it’s time for us “to get tough with China” — as if that’s not exactly what President Trump has been doing.

And the reverse of where Biden’s stood for his entire career.

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“China poses a serious challenge to us, and in some areas are a real threat,” the ex-veep announced Tuesday in Iowa.

But just last month, also in Iowa, he laughed at the idea. “China is going to eat our lunch? Come on, man . . . They’re not bad folks, folks . . . they’re not competition for us.” More: “No other nation can catch us, including China. I got criticized for saying that.”

Last week in New Hampshire, he wailed, “What are we worried about?”

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All that fit with the policies he supported for eight years as No. 2 to President Barack Obama, who responded to China’s theft of intellectual property and other clear violations of World Trade Organization rules by . . . asking President Xi Jinping to stop. As if.

Here’s a video:

Biden has been hesitant to do this because it’s a departure from the position of the Obama administration.

The Washington Examiner reported:

Joe Biden’s China shift requires a divorce from Obama’s approach

Joe Biden was badly wrong to suggest on May 1 that China poses no significant challenge to America. In fact, China poses the greatest challenge to U.S. security, prosperity, and international order since the Soviet Union at its peak.

But if Biden changes course, he will deserve credit. As the Washington Examiner’s Joe Simonson reports, Biden is expected to call on Tuesday for “a united front of allies to challenge China’s abusive behavior … we need to rally more than half the world’s economy to hold China to account for their cheating. And get a chorus of voices speaking out on China’s repression.” CNN adds that Biden will also assert that “We are in a competition with China, we need to get tough.”

Of course, good words on China aren’t enough. Especially when it’s Joe Biden. After all, as Barack Obama’s vice president, Biden must share in the responsibility for the debacle that was Obama’s China policy. In a near exact opposite approach to President Trump’s necessary realism on China, President Obama sought to win Xi Jinping’s trust via appeasement. It didn’t work.

Biden doesn’t seem to know where he really stands on anything.

He’s hoping he can just coast into the White House.


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