Joe Biden Gets Softball Questions From Media, Still Flubs Answer While Reading From Teleprompter (VIDEO)

Joe Biden made a rare live media appearance on Friday and naturally, managed to make a complete mess of it.

The journalists present not only asked him easy, softball questions, they teed up his answers for him. The funniest and most pathetic part, was that he still couldn’t handle it.

The media began by asking Biden about a fake news article which laughably claimed that President Trump insulted out troops.

At one point, he read the words “end of quote” off the teleprompter, a phrase he clearly wasn’t supposed to say out loud.

The Post Millennial reports:

Biden was asked: “But when you heard these words… what does it tell you about President Trump’s soul and the life he leads?”

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Biden then remarked on the President’s soul, saying “I’m gonna try to be measured in my response. If it’s true, and based on all the things he’s said I believe the article is true, I’d ask you all the rhetorical question, how would you feel?” And played on the sympathies of miltary families and the hardship they face in having children and loved ones serve the nation.

“It’s deplorable,” he said of the president’s soul, and the comments that he may very well not have made.

Biden said he’s “never been as disappointed” in his whole career with a “leader… president or otherwise.” He said if the article is true, and that he believes that it is, “it is damnable.”

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Biden read from the teleprompter so thoroughly that after reading one section, he read “end of quote.”

Watch the video:

Just look at these pathetic questions from the same people who turn into attack dogs in front of Trump:

Our media has reached new lows.

They are all on Team Joe and they don’t even pretend anymore.


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