Joe Biden Held A Virtual Town Hall – Things Did Not Go Well (VIDEO)

Due to the Coronavirus, the Joe Biden campaign decided to do a virtual town hall meeting featuring the candidate.

To say that things did not go as planned is an understatement.

The event was dogged by technical issues and Biden didn’t come across well.

Breitbart reports:

Amateur Hour: Joe Biden ‘Virtual Town Hall’ Marred by Tech Issues, Dick Durbin’s Wailing Baby

The man who wants to save America from coronavirus struggled mightily Friday evening with cameras, computers, and microphones.

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Due to the restrictions on crowds because of coronavirus, Joe Biden scheduled a “virtual town hall” in Illinois on Friday at 4:00 p.m. Central.

Then it was moved to 6:00 p.m. Central.

When Breitbart News tuned in, Illinois Sen. Tammy Duckworth was fiddling with her camera phone, at one moment setting it on the table pointed straight up at the ceiling so America could see her light fixture.

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A short time later, the text “Senator Dick Durbin” appeared on the otherwise black screen, accompanied by the wails of a baby in the background.

At 6:19, a moderator announced Durbin, who wasn’t visible. He introduced Biden, who appeared before American and Illinois flags.

Biden began speaking, but there was no audio. Then suddenly, Durbin appeared in a separate screen holding a small child.

Biden seemed to be reading from a teleprompter, but the broadcast suffered from severe tech issues, as Biden’s words were caught in a feedback loop, muddying the whole presentation and making the candidate nearly indecipherable.

Here are a couple of videos:


Why did his team think this was a good idea?


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