Joe Biden: Illegal Immigrants ‘Become Americans Before A Lot Of Americans Become Americans’

Joe Biden has continued to say crazy and inaccurate things on the campaign trail.

During an appearance just before the weekend, Biden suggested that people in the United States illegally become Americans before American citizens. He is his own worst enemy.

FOX News reports:

Campaign confusion: Biden claims illegal immigrants ‘become Americans before a lot of Americans become Americans’

2020 presidential hopeful Joe Biden had another head-scratching moment out on the campaign trail Thursday when he claimed illegal immigrant children “become Americans” before actual United States citizens do.

Biden was asked how he would oversee immigration detention facilities as president during an event in Rock Hill, S.C. — and he took the opportunity to praise undocumented youths.

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“We have to find a pathway for Dreamers,” he said. “These kids who come — and they end up doing well. They become Americans before a lot of Americans become Americans,” he told the crowd.

“No, I’m serious,” Biden continued. “They get [into] school. They do well. They contribute to the community. They contribute to the country. So No. 1, we legalize the Dreamers,”

Biden then mistakenly said he would send an “amendment” to the desk of the House and Senate to create a pathway to citizenship for the millions of immigrants living in the United States illegally.

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How much longer can Joe go on like this? The conservative writer Kurt Schlichter has a suggestion for Democrats.

He writes at Townhall:

Joe Biden Needs An Intervention

Joe Biden leads the Democrat pack and he’s a catastrophe, meaning that we have to weigh the human kindness that compels us to seek to end his humiliation against the practical reality that this doddering establishment weirdo will get squashed by Donald Trump like a dung beetle under a steamroller.

Or even like an ex-Beatle under a steamroller – Biden is the Pete Best of American politics, the guy who never quite made it. Except Pete Best wasn’t a gropey, senile, corrupt Democrat plagiarist with delusions of adequacy.

And every day, [Pick A Nickname] Joe is getting worse.

Now, Joe used to have this kind of goofy charm. He was and remains a doofus, but a harmless one, sort of like that dorky neighbor who makes circus music play in your head every time he wanders over to your yard to tell you a long and ultimately pointless story about how he saw a squirrel and the squirrel had a nut and it was a fuzzy squirrel and it lived in a tree and how he likes squirrels.

But his regular guy act is wearing a bit thin.

Will Biden even make it through this primary?


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