Joe Biden Is Quietly Lowering Expectations For Democrats In The Midterms

Joe Biden is quietly warning his party about how the November midterms could go for them.

During recent stops in the northeast, Biden has been reminding Democrats of how many seats they lost in midterm elections when Obama was president.

In 2010, Democrats lost the House in a historic sweep. Then in 2014, Democrats lost the Senate, too. The same thing could happen this year.

Breitbart News reports:

Joe Biden Quietly Lowers Expectations for Democrats in the Midterms: ‘Remember Barack?’

President Joe Biden continues trumpeting his agenda on the fundraising circuit even as he quietly prepares his supporters for a Republican takeover.

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“If we lose control of the House and Senate, we have a different world,” Biden told supporters in New York City on Wednesday. “I’ll be spending all my time with the veto pen, but it won’t be a lot of initiatives.”

During his fundraising trip through New York City, the president spoke to donors about “enormous, enormous, enormous opportunity” in the next few years of his presidency, but he is also setting the stage to hold his ground against a new Republican majority.

At a fundraiser in Boston earlier in September, Biden reminded his supporters that the party of every modern president, save one, lost the majority midterm election within the first two years of their presidency.

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“Remember Barack? We lost 60-some vote — we lost 60-some House members, et cetera,” he said, recalling the 63 house seats lost by Democrats in the 2010 midterm elections and the loss of six seats in the United States Senate.

The American people aren’t going to forget where Biden has brought the country in the last two years.

People are ready for a change. The country needs it.


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