Joe Biden Is Still Hiding Behind ‘Russian Misinformation’ On Hunter’s Scandals And It’s Pathetic

This week a reporter asked Joe Biden if he still believes the scandals surrounding his son Hunter are Russian misinformation, as he said before the election.

Biden blew off the question, by saying yes, yes and yes.

It’s hard to say what’s more pathetic, Joe’s answer or the media’s obvious lack of curiosity, except for Peter Doocy of FOX News.

Joe Concha is a media critic. He writes at The Hill:

Joe Biden’s continued ‘Russian misinformation’ defense of Hunter is conspiracy-level laughable

President-elect Joe Biden continued his campaign strategy of running from anything resembling a tough question from a reporter when attempting to leave the stage after another “press conference” on Tuesday, calling said reporter a “one-horse pony” while continuing to assert that his son, Hunter Biden, is the target of a smear campaign fueled by Russian misinformation.

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The exchange occurred between Biden and Peter Doocy, a Fox News correspondent, after the president-elect took hard-hitting questions that included:

“Mr. President-elect, do you still think that the stories from the fall about your son Hunter were Russian disinformation and smear campaign, like you said?” Doocy asked.

“Yes, yes, yes. God love you, man. You’re a one-horse pony. I tell you. Thank you. Thank you. I promise you, my Justice Department will be totally on its own in making its judgments about how they should proceed,” Biden responded while walking away, in an apparent reference to the more common phrase “one-trick pony.”

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So, to unpack that answer, Biden still believes the Russians are responsible for the FBI opening up an investigation into his son well before capturing his party’s nomination. That’s obviously the stuff of conspiracy theories and deserves further discussion and inquiry.

Here’s a video of the exchange:

If Joe Biden thinks he is going to get off this easily, he is mistaken.

And a note to the media: If they think they’re going to have a love fest with Biden after being so hostile to Trump for four years, they are also mistaken. All of their hostility to Trump will be turned on them.


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