Joe Biden Is Urging Democrat AGs To Sue Gun Manufacturers Over Rise In Violent Crime

Crime is on the rise everywhere in America, but especially Democrat controlled cities.

The problem is a direct result of the Democrats who have demonized the police and called for their defunding.

How is Joe Biden responding? By telling Democrat attorneys general to sue gun manufacturers.

Democrats created a crime problem and now a Democrat administration is using the problem they created to go after guns.

Bearing Arms reports:

Biden Urges Democrat AGs To Sue Gun Makers Over Crime Surge

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President Joe Biden’s not waiting to see if gun control activist David Chipman will be confirmed as ATF director before making his next moves in his anti-gun agenda. And with the prospects of getting his gun ban approved even less likely than seeing Chipman installed at ATF headquarters, Biden is turning his attention to the nation’s firearm manufacturers. USA Today reports that this afternoon Biden will be huddled with Democratic Attorneys General from around the country to discuss ways to pin the blame for the current crime spike on gun makers….

“Use existing law to make policy change” is another way of saying “since we can’t pass gun control through legislation, we’re going to try to impose it through litigation.”

Once again, we see Biden doing the bidding of the gun control lobby, which has pursued a similar strategy in recent months, including Brady’s involvement in a civil suit filed by the Mexican government against several major firearms manufacturers. And once again, the focus of both the anti-gun activists and their allies in the administration is on then more than 100-million legal gun owners and a lawful industry instead of the much smaller number of individuals engaging in illegal and violent activity with firearms.

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It’s actually worse than that, because Biden is urging these AGs to argue that gun manufacturers are the ones that are truly responsible for the rise in violent crimes in many Democrat-controlled cities, as opposed to the individuals pulling the trigger.

This is not acceptable.

Law abiding gun owners are not the problem here. Criminals are.

Democrats are emptying the jails while trying to take away the rights of law abiding people who want to be able to protect themselves.


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