Joe Biden: ‘Let Me Start Off With Two Words – Made In America’ (VIDEO)

Joe Biden just had another gaffe for the ages.

While speaking in Maryland, he began by announcing that he was going to say two words, then said ‘Made in America.’

In addition to the gaffe, it’s amazing how much Biden sounded like he was stealing lines from Trump, who often emphasized making things in America and buying American made products.

From the Daily Wire:

Biden: ‘Two Words: Made In America’

It now seems that any time President Joe Biden gets behind a microphone, he makes a vocal error that leaves the world scratching its head.

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For example, on Friday, Biden displayed his inability to properly count words when he told an elated Maryland crowd, “Let me start off with two words … Made in America.”

Unless you were taught woke math, which teaches 2+2 is racist, his mistake is obvious. Despite that, the crowd lapped it up and applauded.

The purpose of the speech was to discuss Biden’s economic policy and his goal to increase manufacturing. It’s pretty similar to former President Donald J. Trump’s rhetoric, which was also focused on making more things in America and buying American. For that sort of belief, Trump was called “racist” by columnists in The Washington Post.

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Here’s the video:

People had a good time with this on Twitter:

It’s funny and sad.


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