Joe Biden Offers Lame Defense Of Son’s Burisma Appointment: ‘He’s A Very Bright Guy’ (VIDEO)

Joe Biden was actually challenged by a journalist this week about his son’s cushy appointment to a gas company in Ukraine despite having no relevant experience.

His defense was embarrassing. First, he tried to act like it was a non-issue, then he said that his son is a very bright guy.

CNS News reports:

Joe Biden Defends Son Hunter As ‘A Very Bright Guy’

In an interview with NBC’s Savannah Guthrie that aired on Monday morning, former Vice President Joe Biden brushed off the suggestion that his son Hunter got a lucrative job with a Ukraine natural gas company only because the company wanted access to the elder Biden.

Guthrie noted that the Trump impeachment process “has ensured that everyone knows about Hunter’s dealings with Ukraine.”

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“That’s a good thing,” Biden said. “No one’s found anything wrong with his dealings with Ukraine except they say it’s a bad image.”

“Do you agree that it’s a bad image?” Guthrie asked Biden.

“Yeah, and my son said that,” Biden responded.

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Guthrie asked Biden, “Do you think it was wrong for him to take that position knowing it was really because that company wanted access to you?”

“Well, that’s not true,” Biden shot back. “You are saying things you do not know what you are talking about. No one said that. Who said that? Who said that?”

Guthrie followed up: “Don’t you think that it’s just one of those things where people think, well, that seems kind of sleazy. Why would he have that job if not for who his father was?”

“Because he’s a very bright guy,” Biden replied.

Watch the video below:

Does anyone believe that is a passable answer?

Biden is a disaster of a candidate and if the Democrats nominate him, this is going to keep coming up.

Count on it.


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