Joe Biden Refers To Ebola As That “Whole Pandemic That Was In Africa” (VIDEO)

Joe Biden keeps proving that he is simply not up to the task of being president.

He shows it every time he makes an appearance on TV.

This week during an interview, he couldn’t even remember the name of Ebola, and instead referred to it as that whole pandemic that was in Africa.

Townhall reports:

Sleepy Joe Provides Us With Even More Proof That He’s Mentally Unfit to Be President

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s mental health has been called into question over the course of the 2020 campaign. Many times he’s physically present but it’s obvious that he’s struggling to find the words to say what he wants to articulate.

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After all, he previously thought he was running for the Senate, not the White House. He even got his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, and his sister, Valerie Biden Owens, mixed up. And then there was that time that he forgot President Barack Obama’s name (despite them supposedly being best friends).

On Tuesday, the former veep had quite a few more mishaps during on-air interviews.

During an interview on CBS News, Biden was asked what made him “the best post-COVID-19 choice.”

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“Well, that’s kind of a presumpt[ious] thing for me to say, for me to answer,” he said, looking for words. “But, um, we went through, our administration, uh, the H1N1 virus. We also dealt with the whole pandemic that was in Africa. Kept it under control by, you know, doing what I urged the president to do months ago and he’s doing now, getting the U.S. military in building hospitals.”

Watch the video below:

In this clip he is asked about his possible VP choices and he asks the reporter if she is available.

He is not cut out for this at all.

He needs to retire.


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