Joe Biden Refuses To Answer ‘Negative’ Questions From Reporters About Afghanistan (VIDEO)

Joe Biden got cranky with reporters on Friday and insisted he didn’t want to answer their negative questions about Afghanistan.

He said it was a holiday weekend and that he wanted to talk about happy things.

Have fun imagining how the media would have reacted if Trump said something like this to them.

FOX News reports:

Biden annoyed by repeated questions on Afghanistan: ‘I’m not going to answer … It’s a holiday weekend’

President Biden grew irked Friday with repeated press questions about the Afghanistan troop drawdown, saying he didn’t want to answer any more on the topic because it was a holiday weekend.

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Following remarks on a positive June jobs report, Biden took multiple questions about the situation in Afghanistan, where the country faces a possible fall to the Taliban as U.S. forces are withdrawn. After receiving questions on the nation’s security issues and the withdrawal timeline, Biden said he wanted to talk about “happy things.”

“I’m not going to answer any more … Look, it’s the Fourth of July,” Biden said after a fourth query about Afghanistan. “I’m concerned that you guys are asking me questions that I’ll answer next week. But this is a holiday weekend, I’m going to celebrate it. There’s great things happening.”

Biden rattled off economic data as he sought to head off further pressing on one of the chief foreign policy decisions of his presidency.

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“I’ll answer all your negative questions – not negative, your legitimate questions,” he said, correcting himself.

Watch the videos below:

As the left liked to say under Trump, this is not normal.


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