Joe Biden Seizes Land From Texas Family Through Eminent Domain For Border Wall – Wait, What?

Yes, you read the headline right. Joe Biden has taken land from a family in Texas for the purpose of more border wall.

It was recently reported that Biden was going to resume wall construction in certain areas to fill the gaps.

But have you heard about this? Do you think you would have heard about it if Trump did it?

Jazz Shaw reports at Hot Air:

Biden cruelly seizes Texas family’s land for border wall. Wait… wut?

If this headline had cropped up at any point before January 20th of this year it likely wouldn’t have created much of a stir outside of NeverTrump circles on social media. But during the Biden administration, it’s a very different story. Writing at Reason Magazine, Billy Binion describes the story of Baudilia “Lilly” Cavazos and her family, who own roughly 150 acres of land along the United States border with Mexico in Hidalgo County, Texas.

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But as of this week, they will own a bit less of it. The federal government prevailed in court and will immediately seize approximately seven acres of their land to complete the construction of a section of border wall in that area. The only thing that makes this story notable is Joe Biden’s history of insisting that all of Donald Trump’s efforts to complete the wall would be halted, if not reversed.

Hot Air points to this report from Reason:

After Promising To Stop Land Seizures, the Biden Administration Just Stole This Family’s Property for a Border Wall

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A federal judge confirmed yesterday that a Texas family will have their land immediately seized by eminent domain for a U.S.-Mexico border wall—the very type of confiscation that President Joe Biden expressly promised he would put a stop to.

“We are utterly devastated,” said Baudilia Cavazos, whose family owns land in Hidalgo County, Texas. “We thought President Joe Biden would protect us. Now we’ve lost our land. We don’t even know what comes next.”

The Cavazos clan has fended off similar attempts at confiscation for years. When former President Donald Trump took office, his administration sought to claim about 7 acres and divide their land—which they rent to various tenants—in two. A huge chunk of their property would thus be nearly inaccessible to prospective customers, paralyzing their business.

If this had happened under Trump, Democrats and the media would be losing their minds right now.

We know it, you know it, and so do they.


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