Joe Biden Steps In it Again – Praises Another Segregationist While Campaigning In South Carolina

You have to wonder if Democrats are beginning to remember why Joe Biden failed in all of his previous runs for the presidency.

He is showing on a near daily basis that he is a walking gaffe machine.

Last week he came under fire for praising segregationists in the U.S. Senate. Now he has done it again.

Breitbart reports:

Biden References Another Former Segregationist While Campaigning

Joe Biden referenced another former segregationist, the late-Sen. Fritz Hollings (D-SC), while campaigning in South Carolina on Friday.

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The former vice president made the comments at Rep. Jim Clyburn’s (D-SC) annual fish fry while touting the need for all the Democrat candidates to unite and focus on defeating President Donald Trump.

“Whomever the Democratic nominee is,” Biden said, “we have to stay together and elect a Democratic president of the United States of America.”

“I tell you, I do miss Fritz being here,” he added after finishing his remarks, according to Vice News.

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Hollings, who passed away earlier this year, served in the U.S. Senate from 1966 to 2006. Prior to joining Congress, he was governor of South Carolina from 1959 to 1963, an office he originally sought on the basis of his opposition to the Brown v. Board of Education decision, which struck down segregation in public schools.

Hollings kept that stance for the early portion of his term, but eventually changed course and supported integration. It has been noted, though, that full desegregation of South Carolina’s public schools did not occur until after he left the governorship.

You can tell that people in the liberal media are starting to get tired of this.

Check out this piece from Politico:

Another day on Joe Biden’s damage control tour

For two days in South Carolina, Joe Biden sought refuge in a state he likens to a second home.

But even his large lead in early polls here couldn’t insulate him from the angst surrounding his comments about segregationists, or the reemergence of an older controversy — his changing views on abortion…

“Joe Biden’s been my hero in a lot of ways,” said Andrew Feldman, a Democratic strategist in Washington. “But the recent missteps are unforced errors that create openings for Democrats to question if he is still in touch with today’s priorities. I do think that when you start quoting senators who were in office in the ‘70s and ‘80s, that reinforces that.”

Do Democrats really believe Biden is going to improve in the coming months?

This is who he is.


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