Joe Biden Tells Audience The Obama Administration Didn’t Have “One Hint Of Scandal, Not One” (VIDEO)

Is Joe Biden’s memory going?

He loves to tell audiences that the Obama administration was scandal free.

That’s simply not true.

If we had an honest media, Joe might get challenged on this once in a while.

Watch below:

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Here are a few of the scandals Joe seems to have forgotten.

Via Grabien:

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Obama’s ATF, in tandem with the DoJ, arranged for thousands of heavy assault rifles to make their way into the hands of Mexican narco warlords, setting the stage for a mass slaughter of Mexicans (more than 300 to date).

The Obama Administration fired the ATF whistleblower who exposed the Fast and Furious scandal.

Documents reveal Obama’s ATF used “Fast and Furious” as part of a campaign for more gun control.

More than 1,000 guns from Obama’s “Fast and Furious” program remain lost.

The DoJ’s internal watchdog says the ATF let a confidential informant keep as much as $5.2 million from illicit cigarette sales.

The DoJ’s internal watchdog says the ATF somehow “lost track” of 420 million cigarettes

Guns from Obama’s “Fast and Furious” programs were used in the killings of at least two Americans, and probably more.

And that’s just a partial list!

People on Twitter had a few thoughts about this:

It’s amazing how scandal free you can be when the media is on your side.


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