Joe Biden Tells Voter He Won’t Run For Second Term If His ‘Mental Acuity’ Declines (VIDEO)

During an event on CNN this week, Joe Biden was asked about his advanced age and health.

To his credit, Biden took the question seriously and said it was a legitimate issue.

However, he kept talking and eventually said that if his mental health became an issue, he would not seek a second term.

That’s not very reassuring, is it?

The Daily Caller reports:

Biden Rules Out Second Term If He Loses ‘Energy And Mental Acuity’

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Former Vice President Joe Biden said Thursday that he won’t promise to serve just one presidential term because of his advanced age but pledged that he would not seek a second if he loses “energy and mental acuity.”

“Look, I guarantee you this: if anything changed in my health making incapable for me to fully exert all the energy and mental acuity that was needed to be done, I give you my word I would not run again,” Biden, 77, told a CNN town hall.

“It’s totally legitimate for y’all to ask about my age or anybody else’s age up there and our health. That’s why I give all my medical records, everything, okay, the whole deal, so you know where I am,” he said.

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The Democratic presidential candidate continued by saying it is bad policy to publicly state if you don’t plan to run again because you are “already behind the eight ball because then you’re a one-term president and no one worries about what the hell is going to happen after that, okay?”

Watch the video:

Lots of people already have questions about Biden’s mental acuity.

He doesn’t have a great record for remembering what state he is in at any given time.


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