Joe Biden Tries Again To Blame Putin For Inflation, Says His Policies Are Helping Not Hurting (VIDEO)

Joe Biden gave some comments on Tuesday about inflation, but used talking points that no one believes.

He once again blamed Putin’s invasion of Ukraine for inflation. He also claimed that Republicans want to raise taxes on the middle class, an outright lie.

In fact, he layed a lot of blame on Republicans even though Democrats control all of government right now.

Then he said that his policies are helping, not hurting.

Townhall reports:

Defiant and Desperate Biden Refuses Any Responsibility for Inflation

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President Joe Biden’s approval rating is deeper underwater than Ted Kennedy’s car on Chappaquiddick, the midterms are less than six months away, baby formula is running out across the country, and fuel prices just notched a new all-time high for both diesel and unleaded.

Scrambling to stem the hemorrhaging for his administration and party, Biden spoke Tuesday afternoon in remarks that were intended to head off Wednesday’s release of the latest consumer inflation data that’s remained at four-decade highs in recent months as a result of Biden’s economic policies.

As usual, Biden refused to accept responsibility for the effects of his spending binge and regulatory regime that’s made the U.S. dependent on foreign energy and strained supply chains to the point of breaking.

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President Biden acknowledged Tuesday that Americans were frustrated with rising costs, an upward climb that has only accelerated as Biden’s time in office drags on. “I can taste it,” Biden said, bizarrely, of Americans’ discontent.

See the clips below:

Democrats are going to get clobbered in November.


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