Joe Biden’s Approval Rating Among Black Voters Has Dropped Over 20 Points In One Month

Joe Biden’s poll numbers are in absolute free fall.

He has lost ground with independents, Latino voters and pretty much everyone except solid partisan Democrats.

Now we are learning that he has lost significant ground with black voters.

Hot Air reports:

Biden’s approval among Black voters plunges more than 20 points in one month

The latest Associated Press/NORC poll numbers were released yesterday and the news wasn’t very encouraging for President Joe Biden or his supporters. Following several weeks of consistently bad headlines, it would seem that people are beginning to sour on the “Build Back Better” presidency. This poll has consistently been a bit kinder to Biden than some of the other major polling outfits and that was once again the case this week.

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The report from the AP also seems to try to paint a somewhat more charitable picture, but the reality is that Biden’s numbers were down across the board. But the decline we’re seeing isn’t coming from Republicans and conservatives who weren’t too wild about Uncle Joe to begin with. The dips are coming from his own party and the demographic groups that have traditionally been the most supportive of him…

The real eye-openers came with the shift in support along racial lines. Biden is doing slightly worse with white voters, falling from 49% to 42%. But with Black voters, one of the key demographics he relied on in 2020, his support absolutely tanked, dropping from 86% to 64%. It’s hard to imagine this being attributable to much beyond his vaccine mandates and protests against those policies coming from Black Lives Matter.

If Joe slips much further and actually goes underwater with Black voters he can pretty much forget about any future election chances. No Democrat can survive with those sorts of numbers.

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If these trends continue, Biden could find himself with an overall approval rating in the 30s in a few months.

It’s astounding how quickly he is tanking.


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