Joe Rogan Goes Off About The Murder Of Seth Rich: ‘If You Don’t Think That’s A Little Weird…’ (VIDEO)

Actor and comedian Joe Rogan has a regular podcast which is very good. He doesn’t call himself a Conservative but he’s very good at calling out Liberals for their hypocrisy. In a recent episode, he went off about the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich. He also slammed Democrats for saying you’re a conspiracy theorist if you ask any questions about the unsolved crime.

Here’s part of what Joe says, via the Daily Caller:

“Let’s look at real hard facts. Seth Rich was a Bernie Sanders supporter. Seth Rich was a patriot. Seth Rich according to Julian Assange and Wikilkeaks… He’s saying that he leaked stuff to him. There are consequences to leaking to Wikileaks,” he opened. “Seth Rich was murdered, he was shot in the back at four in the morning. They said it was a botched robbery but no one took anything from him… I don’t know what happened to him, but that looks very suspicious.”

“This is a guy who was a real Bernie Sanders supporter—open Bernie Sanders supporter—who worked for the DNC. The DNC rigged the primary for Hillary Clinton against Bernie Sanders. He was aware of this. He was there when all of this was going on,” Rogan continued. “The guy got fucking murdered after he leaked information to Wikileaks. If you don’t think that’s a little weird, what are you looking at? What delusional rose-colored glasses are you looking at your own party through?”

Watch the video below. STRONG LANGUAGE WARNING:

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He makes a very compelling case!


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