Joe Scarborough Compares Pelosi Impeaching Trump To Lincoln Freeing The Slaves (VIDEO)

Morning Joe has become a one stop shop for Trump Derangement Syndrome. During a recent broadcast, Joe Scarborough went on at length, comparing Nancy Pelosi and impeachment to President Lincoln freeing the slaves.

News Busters reports:

Scarborough: Pelosi Impeaching Trump Is Like Lincoln Freeing Slaves

Sometimes, you sincerely have to wonder if MSNBC co-host Joe Scarborough hears himself. After giving candidate Donald Trump the friendliest media platform during the 2016 GOP primary, Scarborough switched to Trump hatred.

On Tuesday’s Morning Joe, Scarborough compared House Speaker Nancy Pelosi impeaching Trump to President Abraham Lincoln freeing the slaves. No, really.

Here’s the transcript:

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SCARBOROUGH: — you can actually move a lot of Americans. I will say, Nancy Pelosi has to be calculating. Abraham Lincoln was calculating in saving the union. Early in the war, he said if the country has to be half slave, half free, if that saves the union, then I’m for that. If saving the union is required by letting all go free, then I am for that. He was very calculating, and he moved to the position when he felt the American people were ready.

BRZEZINSKI: Were ready.

SCARBOROUGH: Ready to move toward the emancipation of slaves. I’m not being critical of Nancy Pelosi here. I will say though, there are times though to not calculate. I would say when you have a president who has abused power more than any other President, not only in our lifetime, I just can’t think of any historical precedence, of any president who abused his position more…

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Watch the video:

Here’s the problem Democrats face with impeachment. They don’t have nearly enough support for it in the House. See the tweet below:

That’s a tiny fraction of people.

The media is actually pushing harder for this than Congress.


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