JOHNNY BENCH: “I’M FOR DONALD – I’m For Change In Washington” (VIDEO)


Baseball legend Johnny Bench announced his support for Donald Trump on Varney & Co.

Johnny Bench told Stuart Varney:

I’m for Donald. I’m for change in Washington. I think the problem is we’re letting it go. Letting it get a way. Everybody’s talking about the health care. Everybody’s talking about so many things. But I really want to see changes within the strategies of this country. I think we’re giving so much money away to foreign aid. We’re giving so much money away to foreign countries that we could direct to colleges.”

Later, Johnny Bench said:

She [Hillary] is not the one to change this nation . . . When Donald starts and talks about the original part of where he was, about being able to get the quality people into the Cabinet, the leaders that we need to make good decisions. We’ve had no businesspeople in Washington.

True! Let’s give businesspeople a chance!

Watch the video here:

Johnny Bench is good, strong, traditional American.

He wants Trump!

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