Josh Hawley Tears Into Democrats For Attacks On Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s Faith (VIDEO)

Senate hearings began this week to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court.

Democrats have figured out that attacking her based on her faith is a bad idea, but only because prior attacks on her faith made them look bad.

Republican Senator Josh Hawley did not let them forget. He also reminded people that the liberal media took part in these attacks on her faith as well.

FOX News reports:

Criticism of Barrett faith is ‘attempt to bring back to days of the religious test’: Hawley

Criticism of Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s Catholic faith is an “attempt to bring back to days of the religious test,” Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., said during the opening portion of Barrett’s confirmation hearing on Monday.

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“This freedom of conscience and religious liberty undergirds all of our other rights because it tells the government that it cannot tell us what to think or who we can assemble with or how we can worship,” Hawley said.

“This bedrock principle of American liberty is now under attack. That is what is at stake when we read these stories attacking Judge Barrett for her faith. That’s what is at stake when my Democratic colleagues repeatedly questioned Judge Barrett and others about their religious beliefs.”

“That is an attempt to bring back the days of the religious test,” he continued. “That is an attempt to bring back the veto power of the powerful over the religious beliefs and sincerely held convictions of the American people.”

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Watch the videos below:

We need more people in the Senate like Josh Hawley.


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