Joy Behar Outraged, Claims People On The Right Are ‘Distorting’ Socialism (VIDEO)

Joy Behar is very angry that socialism is getting a bad reputation. She is blaming people on the right for this, rather than years of history which have painted socialism in a negative light.

News Busters reports:

Joy Behar Outraged at Right for ‘Distorting’ Socialism: ‘Nobody Really Understands It!’

Ardently anti-Trump View co-host Joy Behar rushed to socialism’s aid during the panel’s discussion about Tuesday night’s State of the Union address, claiming that the right had “distorted” its true meaning. Behar also boasted that Democrats actually do want President Trump to fail as payback for ruining the country.

Co-host Abby Huntsman cited the positive reaction to Trump’s address and argued that Democrats should abandon socialism because it wasn’t a winning strategy to win over independents. That struck a nerve with Joy Behar, who proceeded to “correct” her:

“I have to say the word Socialist is becoming a buzzword like liberal and feminist where the right wing is now taking that word and distorting it. So every time you use it I’m going to interrupt you,” she lectured, as the audience clapped in approval.

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“How is what Ocasio-Cortez is saying –” Huntsman started to retort but was drowned out by the other co-hosts.

“Yeah, it is being used, its being weaponized,” Sunny Hostin agreed with Behar, who added, “It’s being bastardized, that word. Nobody really understands it!”

Watch the video:

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Now we know for sure where Ms. Behar’s political alliances truly are. Not that anyone was wondering.


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