Republican Women Voters Slam Paul Ryan On Live TV For Dis-Inviting Trump To Rally (VIDEO)


Paul Ryan is another one of those weak, feckless GOP cowards that cow-tows to whatever the mainstream media expects of him.

So naturally, when times got tough, he ran for the hills far away from GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, who said he is never backing down.

But, it turns out, Ryan’s move is completely backfiring as female Trump supporters told Fox News they hated the fact that the Speaker of the House was abandoning the candidate their supporting.

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Check it out:

“They’re just trying to gain from it,” one Trump supporter said. “We should be altogether, we’re all for the same thing, stopping ISIS, closing our borders, getting rid of our debt.”

“I can understand what they’re doing because what he said was pretty awful, but that was 11 years ago and I think they should go behind Trump and stand behind him,” another female Trump supporter said.

“It’s bad for the party, it doesn’t show us as a united Republican Party and they should really be standing behind Trump right now,” the third female Trump supporter told Fox News.

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