Ann Coulter: Liberals Want To ‘Make Us Feel Guilty For Having A Successful Society’ (VIDEO)


There is no truth-teller quite like Ann Coulter.

During an interview with the always hilarious and honest Gavin McInnes, Coulter said for some reason, liberals are obsessed with guilt-tripping Western society for having the most successful culture in the world.

“For some reason we’re supposed to feel guilty for having a successful society,” Coulter said.

“The upper-crust, the college educated, the people who are your neighbors, it’s really a selfish thing that they will not impart their upper-class values to the lower-classes who need instruction,” Coulter said. “For example, don’t have children out of wedlock.”

Coulter said that not all Americans have to go to college, but said “you do have to have certain behavioral traits.”

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“What we ought to be doing is imparting these values of Western civilization and fairness and Constitutional rights and freedom of speech and freedom of religion and live and let live and protecting the weak and the rule of law,” Coulter continued.

“But across the board, the successful cultures, the successful people’s behaviors, ‘No don’t tell them. That would be rude, we don’t want to shame them,'” Coulter mocked. “But you would change their lives for the better.”

From what it looks like there’s only one guy doing that in America right now: Donald J. Trump.


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