Ann Coulter: Elite Establishment Attacks on Trump Are All About His Immigration Stance (VIDEO)

Ann Coulter screenshot

Fiery right-winger Ann Coulter is saying that the only real reason Republicans like Paul Ryan and John McCain are wanting to replace Donald Trump is because of his views on immigration, which are wildly popular with the electorate.

On the Howie Carr Show, Coulter said the phony outraged to the ‘Trump tapes’ is really about the Democrats, Republicans and wealthy wanting to continue their mass immigration policies.

“You should ask yourselves why it is the media and the Democrats and half of the Republican Party are so implacably, hysterically opposed Donald Trump, it is all about of immigration,” Coulter said.

“All these people saying ‘Oh you have to replace him, you have to replace him,’ including some Republicans,” Coulter continued. “If they start saying ‘You have to replace him and I want you to replace him with Kris Kobach,’ then I’ll believe it’s not about immigration.”

“But until then, this is all about immigration,” Coulter said. “The plutocrats, the powerful, they don’t care what kind of country this is, they want the cheap labor and the Democrats want the votes and that’s all this is about.”


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