BEWARE: Billionaire Globalist George Soros Launches Site To Allegedly ‘Document Hate’

Just when you thought liberal, globalist billionaire George Soros would be going away for a while with the Inauguration of President-Elect Donald Trump, he pops right back up again.

Now, Soros is launching a site that will “document hate” apparently.

Newsbusters reports:

After the election of Donald Trump, liberal groups are banding together to document hate crimes. At least ones that impact liberal victim groups.

ProPublica, a left-wing nonprofit media outlet funded by George Soros, just launched a brand new project called “Documenting Hate.” The website purports to “build authoritative data on hate crimes and bias incidents,” but none of the 21 partner organizations are conservative. Instead, the partner groups the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), Univision, and BuzzFeed, which are overtly hostile to conservatives.

The SPLC not only reportedly inspired a hate crime against Family Research Council in 2013, it also published a bogus “hate crime” study after Donald Trump’s election that ignored at least 2,000 attacks against white students.

Definitely be aware of this site and make sure you realize Soros’ real motives!

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