Big Banks Are Rooting Against Right-Wing Leader Marine Le Pen In French Election

Marine Le Pen is the Donald Trump of France. So of course, the big banks and financial industry hates her!

CNBC reports:

If far right French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen loses the election, it will spur a “significant” surge of inflows into European stocks, JPMorgan said in a note Monday.

How significant?

JPMorgan estimated that a Le Pen loss will see at least 10 percent of assets under management flow back into the region’s stock markets.

It noted that since the beginning of 2016, around $100 billion has flowed out of the segment, according to EPFR data, marking up a loss of nearly 10 percent of assets under management.

“We believe that these flows at least could come back into the region, should political uncertainty fade, in addition to any potential new net inflows,” JPMorgan said.

Why do the elites fear Le Pen so much?! For the same reasons they feared Trump! She will clean France up!

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