Bill Clinton In Leaked Speech: ‘Coal Country’ The Most ‘Anti-Immigrant Part of America’


Bill Clinton loves to trash everyday Americans.

In a leaked speech, Bill went so far to trash “coal country” by calling them the most “anti-immigrant” part of the country which is an absolute savaging of the American people.

Daily Caller reports:

Former president Bill Clinton, who previously took flack for mocking the “coal people” in West Virginia and Kentucky, accused “coal country” of being the “most anti-immigrant” part of America while speaking at a private fundraiser for Hillary Clinton.

As he did when criticizing the “coal people,” Clinton again singled out Kentucky and West Virginia while speaking to the audience of wealthy Democratic donors in November 2015.

“One of the reasons I’m for immigration reform is that on balance immigrants add to the employment base, not take away from it,” Bill said, according to a leaked transcript of the speech. 

This is absolutely disgusting. Just disgusting.


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