British PM Theresa May And President Trump Promise To Resist The ‘Eclipse Of The West’ (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump and British Prime Minister Theresa May are on the same page when it comes to wanting to save the Western world from Islamic terrorism.

During their joint press conference today, Trump and May both spoke of the importance of the sovereignty of their countries and the need to eradicate Islam and save the West.

The Financial Times reports:

Theresa May on Thursday ripped up Tony Blair’s “doctrine of liberal interventionism”, declaring that the days when the UK and US invaded countries to engage in nation building were over.

But, setting out her vision for a new “special relationship” between post-Brexit Britain and Donald Trump’s US, she said both countries had a mission to resist the “eclipse of the west” by China, India and Russia.

In a foreign policy speech to congressional Republicans in Philadelphia, she said the decline of the west was not inevitable but the US and UK had to “lead together, again”.

In a pointed reference to China, Mrs May said she hoped rising powers would embrace democracy and liberty but said that, if they did not, the west would have to stand up for its values.

Could you imagine Hillary Clinton ever doing a press conference and pledging to save the West? It would have never happened! Thank God for Trump!


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