Campus Snowflakes Ask Elite Colleges For ‘Sanctuary’ Policies To Protect Illegal Students From Deportation

The campus special snowflake generation just keeps getting more pathetic.

At some of the most elite colleges in the country now, students are demanding their illegal immigrant classmates be shielded from deportation via “sanctuary campus” policies.

Heat Street reports:

Since Election Day, administrators from several major universities have been under pressure to officially declare their campuses sanctuaries for undocumented immigrants, with petitions at each college gaining thousands of signatures.

The petitions at Yale, Stanford, University of Wisconsin-Madison and Brown all contain similar language. Each of the petitions claim that law enforcement and immigration officers cannot set foot on campus without administrators’ permission, citing a 2011 memo from U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement.

New Haven, home of Yale, is already a sanctuary city, as is Oberlin and Palo Alto, where Stanford is located; Rhode Island, home to Brown, has designated the entire state as a sanctuary.

These students are legit professional whiners. Absolutely pathetic.

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